fella makafui in the gym
Video: Fella Makafui Hits The Gym, Trains With A Speed Bag

Fella Makafui of YOLO Fame has just shared a video of herself hitting the gym, effortlessly hitting a speed bag.

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A video sighted by us at OccupyGh.com shows Medikal’s girlfriend and soon-to-be wife, Fella Makafui in the gym, hitting a speed bag effortlessly and we think her FOES should be worries about it.

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Although it is uncertain why a soft girl 😉 like Fella Makafui will hit the gym, we think she intends to send a message to all her foes.

Fella makafui

She captioned her post:

“You all better be careful with me??.. #gymtime”

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Source: OccupyGh.com