Eric Addotey
Former TV3 Staff, Now A Drug Addict Tells His Story | VIDEO

Former TV3 Staff, Now A Drug Addict Tells His Sad Story | VIDEO

A former staff of TV3, Eric Addotey has documented his story from going to grace to grass after he got addicted to drugs.

Mr Addotey was born in Adabraka to Ghanaian Parents who were based in Hamburg, According to him, he was fortunate enough to have experience life in Abroad, he also stated that he had a grandfather who was a diplomat.

Former TV3 Staff, Now A Drug Addict Tells His Sad Story | VIDEO

Mr Addotey is now 47 years old and according to him, he met a friend called Big Johnny who introduced him to cocaine and since then his life has never been the same. The reason why he was friends with Big Johnny was because Johnny was brilliant and could answer a lot of questions in class.

“I remember those days he would roll his ganja very slim and each time I took it I became weak, I didn’t know he was mixing it with cocaine. Then one day he introduced me to some of his friends who were into it and they were on another level. I know it was crack but I didnt know there was addiction part to it, he said in an interview with SVTV Africa”

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“The first day, the feeling I had was like a car was about to hit me. They were even laughing at me. He gave me Fanta to drink and that calmed me down. The next day I wanted the same feeling so I went back to him, that was when he told me that Drug can be addictive and that his parent sent him to a prayer camp but he went back to it due to addiction.”

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