Ghanaian Musician Mistakenly Uploads sex-Tape Online
Ghanaian Musician Mistakenly Uploads Sekz Tape Online

Ghanaian Musician Mistakenly Uploads Sekz Tape Online

A popular Ghanaian afrobeat musician has mistakenly uploaded her sekz gape on social media, causing commotion and outrage online.

The video sighted by was uploaded on snap chat and later on twitter where the songstress was seen giving ‘brains’ to an unknown guy.

According to reports gathered, the singer was aware of the recording during the action but was not aware of the upload on snap chat. She quickly deleted the video but that came in too late as it got into the hands of a Twitter user who goes by the handle @MiLudo69.

The video shared on Twitter was captioned:

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“Herrr Ara Bella is that your microphone no go sing look at what you are doing… okay. She mistakenly uploaded this…but we were fast….daaaaam.”’s content policy does not allow us to publish the content of the video here. Nevertheless, you can join our TELEGRAM GROUP to see it.