Maria De Los Angeles Aguirre

Mexican Ambassador to Ghana – H.E Maria De Los Angeles Aguirre has observed that Ghana as a country is growing faster under the Akuffo Addo’s administration.

Mrs. Aguirre made her observation known while speaking on ‘Talk with Rasheeda’ – a A-Political show hosted by Rasheeda Adams.

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“I will Turn Ghana and Mexico into strategic partners in the economic field because Ghana is growing fast and growing very positive and getting into a new shape like the President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo said “Ghana beyond aide”, Mrs. Aguirre promised.

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The Mexican Ambassador mentioned that since she assumed position as the head of the Embassy, she was worked selflessly to convince Multinational Mexican corporations to come and invest in Ghana.

Mexico is currently the leading world of corn wheat, soybeans, rice, cotton, sugarcane and coffee. The Ambassador indicated that more of such companies will make an entrance to contribute to the agricultural sector in Ghana.

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Ghana and Mexico are strong supporters of each other on the multilateral front, According to Mrs. Aguirre, and in global bodies where voting is necessary, Mexico considers Ghana a strong ally, a partnership which together with Russia, worked towards the year 2015, being named “the year of light” by UNESCO, which was a universal effort to appreciate the importance of light on our lives.