Groom Walks Out His Wedding, Shouts

A young promising man took guests and family members by total surprise on his wedding day when at a moment during the event, he run away from his wedding like he has been possessed, shouting – ”I No Do Again”

The man, all of a sudden began to clamour that he’s no longer interested in going on with the wedding his wife, as he walked away from the occasion and took to the streets.

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In a video currently making the rounds online, the man is heard shouting “I no do again” as his bride chased him with other guests to know his reasons.

Groom Walks Out On His Wedding, Shouts "I Won't Do Again" (Video)
Groom Walks Out On His Wedding, Shouts “I Won’t Do Again” (Video)

The groom who’s putting on a blue suit, is seen running about on the busy road.

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