Each day comes with its own odd stories and today looks no different at all.

According to this viral video that has just surfaced on social media, an irate husband has stormed a hospital to beat a dermatologist, Vladimir Zhirnokleev, for checking his wife out.

husband beats doctor
Husband Storms Hospital To Beat Dermatologist For Checking His Wife Out (VIDEO)

The report notes that the doctor simply asked the hijab-wearing Muslim woman to show him her elbows, stomach, and back and he did not ask her to ʋŋdress.

After checking her, he told her that there were no problems, adding “the skin is beautiful”.

Unexpectedly, the woman went out to complain to her husband who got irate.

He stormed the doctor’s office and assaulted him.

After the attack, dermatologist Vladimir Zhirnokleev expressed surprise and urged Muslims to learn to resolve issues amicably.

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Source: OccupyGh.com