Hushpuppi Is Not Guilty
Hushpuppi Is Not Guilty, He Is A Real Estate Developer - Hushpuppi's Lawyer

Hushpuppi Is Not Guilty, He Is A Real Estate Developer – Hushpuppi’s Lawyer

Hushpuppi, the Nigerian Instagram celebrity who had been arrested and charged with fraud has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 in his Chicago prison.

After his first court appearance in the United States, it has been said that he could get up to 20years in jail if found guilty by the court.

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His lawyer, Gal Pissetzky of Pissetzky & Berliner, told Forbes that his client is “Absolutely not guilty of the charges they are accusing him of,” adding, “Abbas was running a legitimate business and a very legitimate Instagram account and did not take part in any scam or fraud.”

Asked how Abbas paid for his lifestyle, Pissetzky tells Forbes, “He’s an entrepreneur. He has real estate involvement… [he’s] an Instagram personality. He was promoting brands and that’s how he was very legitimately making his money.”

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On his relationship with Premier League footballers Tammy Abraham and Ezri Konsa, his lawyer says, “Mr. Abbas is friends with a lot of people. Somebody who has that many followers – obviously he knows and has friends in a lot of places … it’s all legitimate.”