cost of Hushpuppi's monthly Rent In Dubai
Hushpuppi Pays ¢67,010 Monthly Rent In Dubai

Revealed: Hushpuppi Pays ¢67,010 Monthly Rent In Dubai

Nigerian ‘big boy’ alleged to be an international fraudster Ramon Abbas A.K.A Hushpuppi has been denied bail in the United States despite his lawyer, Gal Pissetzky insisting that his job as an Instagram celebrity pays for his expenditures.

Hushpuppi’s lawyers, in his defense, revealed that his job as an Instagram socialite is what pays for his $10,000 monthly rent on his luxury Dubai flat. They had applied for him to leave jail with an electronic tag and live with the uncle of a woman with whom he has a child with, but US prosecutors opposed the bail application.

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Hushpuppi’s lawyer – Gal Pissetzky said:

“He is loved and respected. He is a celebrity.

“I don’t see the reason why he would want to ruin his credibility in the world and his status rather than stay here and face this allegation.

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“Anywhere he goes, people will know. Having grown up very poor in Nigeria, Mr. Abbas is now paid to pose with high-priced items such as Louis Vuitton bags that people would buy after seeing his posts on Instagram.

“He is an influencer. That’s a job today, as much as it is hard to imagine. That’s a full-time job.”