Video Of Hushpuppi ‘Chilling” In Dubai Prison Surfaces

A video alleged to be Hushpuppi chilling in Dubai prison after his arrest has just surfaced online social media.

The video sighted by shows Hushpuppi calmly making a call while monitored by Dubai Police.

He was seen in no handcuffs. Hushpuppi was arrest last month for Fraud, But an Official video of his arrest was released yesterday. by the Dubai police of how he scammed about 2 Million People.

In the video, Mr. Woodberry’s real name is Olalekan Jacob Ponle popularly known as Hushpuppi had $40m CASH when arrested, 13 Luxury Cars Worth $6m seized, 47 Smartphones recovered, Possession of 1,926,400 addresses of victims.

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