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“I Allowed My Wife To Sleep With A Man For ¢108,400 For 4 Days, Now It’s Affecting Me” – Popular Man Cries Out

man allowed wife sleep with another man
“I Allowed My Wife To Sleep With A Man For ¢108,400 For 4 Days, Now It's Affecting Me” – Popular Man Cries Out

A poverty-stricken man who convinced his wife to sleep with a rich man for some millions has taken to social media to lament the mental torment he is battling with.

Relationship adviser and psychologist, Joro Olumofin shared the story of how a man-made his wife slept with a customer for a whooping sum of N6 million (¢108,400) which has started to affect him psychologically.

man allowed wife sleep with another man

His story shared online reads:

“We are rich now but I can’t look at her the same anymore. Don’t know why I’m sending you this. I feel numb.

I am a product of the failed NIGERIA system. I graduated 9 years ago from college and I never landed a good employment job. I’ve done security job, I’ve washed plate, I’ve done driver. In the process of driving I had an accident and wreck my boss car, he arrested me and beat me up. It took me 8 months to pay for repairs. 4 years ago amongst all these I married my friend and lover from college. Things were hard on us. I was hoping marriage will bring us fortune. She works in the bank as a cashier. She’s a amazing woman. If not for her I will have died in this life. God knows. I love her but now I can’t touch her again. don’t know what I feel for her. I agreed for her to do it.

I was aware. We were at the brinks of our downfall in money and debts. She came to me and a customer in the bank who has been on her case wants to sleep with her and he has been promising her 6 million. Initially I told her God forbid and I even called the man to warn him to live my wife. Later I started having a return when she told me she 2 weeks pregnant. Fear of me been broke as a father. I told her to call the man and agree. She refused but I begged her. That was the only way. There were days I sleep with a rope around my neck so I know how it feels to bang myself. She went ahead and slept with him. It was just meant to be for one night. He didn’t return my wife for 4 days. Her phones were off, she didn’t resume work. I was about to declare her missing till I got the alert on my phone. He also gave her a Camry to commute to work alongside the million.

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Now she looks ugly to me. I don’t want to touch her, I want want the baby inside her. I want to k*ll myself. I hate her. She’s a prostitute. She should have said no. My wife the only Good thing in my life has been stained forever in my mind. I don’t know what to do.

I hate myself. I want to rape her, that’s the only way I can sleep with her now. Only if I beat her up.

Or inflict pains. I don’t know why I’m sending this to you.

I want to díe. 4 days!!!!
She has refused to tell me what happened. I want to know the details of the weekend. I always ask if she enjoyed the sɛx.
Will this feeling ever go away? God why me.”

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