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I Cheated On My Wife Abroad With 20 Year Old University Girl, Now I Am Hooked – Man Cries for Help

A 39 years old male who has been married with 3 beautiful kids has taken to social media to seek help after he got hooked to a university girl when he cheated with her.

He noted in a lengthy post:

“So… I’m 39/m, married with 3 beautiful kids. Wife and kids are abroad, while I’m gainfully employed here in Nigeria. This is my story –

I’ve always been a chilled introverted guy with almost zero worries. I’m committed to my work and my work is also committed to me, at least, I’m able to send a healthy amount to my wife and kids in the Queen’s country, every month. As a ‘Manchelor’, this is my daily schedule – wake up, go to work, close late, get home, play PS, skype the fam, sleep, rinse and repeat.

I seldom have time for social media, but once in a while, I log into Facebook and IG to catchup with friends. This was the beginning of my dilemma.

December of last year, I was scrolling on my timeline when I got a notif. Someone had liked my picture. I clicked through her profile and saw this young pretty girl. Honestly, I did not exactly fancy her at first, but I reciprocated the like on one of her pictures and logged of to bed.

When I woke the next morning, she had followed me. I followed back and thanked her for the follow in her dms.

This damsel was around 6ft, pretty, fair and easy on the eyes. She did not have any revealing or tight fitting clothes on her profile so at the beginning, I could not exactly place her physique.

We started chatting that day and as satan will have it, one day, I got leave from work. It was an unfateful Friday so I invited her to a day out at The Palms. We ate , watched a movie then when I wanted to book a ride for her back home, she said she’d like to know my house.

Tbh, I thought this was quite forward and voiced it. I love my Wife dearly. I love my children as well. I would never do anything to deliberately hurt them so I turned down her offer and booked the ride. She stays at Yaba, I at LP1.

She entered her ride and I did not contact her again.

Well, hello next morning!

Her WhatsApp call woke me up. It was a Saturday so I was at home. We spoke at length, she thanked me for the previous day and told me to at least allow her pay me back. “This girl sef!” I thought to myself.

We got to know each other better across the phone in that singular call and I felt it in my soul that she was a genuine one… not an ‘InMessage’ girl. She was a student at UNILAG in her 300l, studying Accounting. She was a really homely girl, light spoken and very respectful.

It was not yet mid-day when her cab to my house was 10 minutes away.

She came in, looking like a queen. Jeeez! Remembering that day sends shivers down my spine. Thankfully, I leave in a building all to myself so there no prying eyes to call Mama omo SugarPapi in faraway Ireland. My security guy opened for them, she alighted and paid the cab herself. WAWU!

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She came and hugged me, we held hands as I pulled her in. She had not fully entered my house when I swept her off her feet, our lips crushed together in intense canoodle. Her tongue was probing inside my mouth as mine hers. Before I could process what was happening, she went on her knees and I felt my soul leave my body.

By this time, I had still not seen her body, so I led her to my guest room and my God!

Brief history… before this day, I had always considered myself an ‘ass guy’. Actually, the few guys I consider friends know me as an ass guy. I loved huge melons but ‘the behind’ gets me most of the time.

Dear NLers, this girl’s bossoms where neither ginormous nor small. They were just the perfect size and they stood! My God they stood! Firmly in my face, begging, begging to be…

I’m a 39yo guy and I confess that I have never experienced sex like that till that day! She was so sensual, so soft, no rush, no wrong. She mounted and rode me that day till I came. It has never ever happened before… not even with my partner and my she can f*ck!

It took every fiber of my being not to cry like a child as she rode me with ease and finesse. It was not that type of riding where the girl tries to burst your kidneys or emasculate you. It was focused on just my shaft and its cap. At some point, I was afraid I will pass out.

I had to quickly pull her off me before I pass out.

We ordered some take out, went at it three more times and around 8pm she was on a ride home. I told her to send me her account for me to send her something for the weekend. She out rightly refused and also refused me paying for her transport. WTH?! Abi na mami water tins?

Well it’s been three months now and I can’t seem to let her go. I have never experienced sex the way she does it. I confess that I may be catching actual feelings for her. I see myself jealous when she receives a call from her male counterparts, she once showed me a video she made with her ex. I was so angry. When she noticed my demeanour, she came, sat on my naked groin and whispered in my ears – “he is in the past, THE PAST”.

I have to come voice out my predicament because she is now taking space in my heart. I can’t do this to my family.

Guys, how do I ‘divorce’ this girl?”

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