I Married A Witch For Powers Now I Can’t Take It The Hell Any Longer – Man Narrates Strange Story

A 55-Year-Old man has taken to social media to narrate his sad story on the challenges and ill-treatment he has been passing through in his own house.

He stated that his family was poor, and so they needed to make ends meet as hunger and challenges have ravaged them to the very last. Adding that in other to secure a power to help fight forces that have been waging war against them, and hindering their progress, he had to marry a woman who is a well-known witch.

He narrated how he has turned into a slave into his own matrimonial home all because we seek power from the higher places to help him fight his family spiritual Battles.

In his story he said:

“When i got married to the witch, it was initially going well. She serves me as her master and i thought that all that glitters are gold. Whatever i desire in life, that i will get at ease. And family members started progressing and we thought that our Saviour has come.”

“Suddenly she started exhibiting some characters which i never expected. At midnight, she will sleep and lie lifeless on the bed. It will take me minutes to wake her up from sleep”

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“I recall the very first day she practically died for some hours. We were sleeping in our matrimonial bed when i woke up around 2am to pee, then on coming back i noticed she was not breathing, i tried to wake her up but she didn’t respond. I tried for about 5 minutes and she lay down lifeless. I was scared and stranded. Sweat was all over my body as i thought that she was dead. I called my family members that night to announce to them that she is dead, but to my greatest supply, she woke up around 3pm.”

“She was angry at me that she warned me never to disturb her each time she went for their meeting at their coven. That was when it stated clear to me that i truly married a witch”

“At midnight, i barely sleep because of the strange voices i hear when i try to sleep, and she will always ignore those sounds and voices as if she is deaf”

“When the news that she is pregnant with twins got to me, i was very Happy. But at the 5 month of her pregnancy, she fall sick and we moved from one hospital to the other in search of cure. Few weeks later she lost the baby. I was in grief but she didn’t bother”

“To cut everything short, it was later when i told my friend that my wife always have miscarriage on every 5th month of her pregnancy that he told me that she uses them for sacrifice in other to get more powers”

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“Few years to our marriages, things started being so difficult for me. I lost the petty Job i was doing. All my family members started facing a lot of challenges that they barely eat twice a day. Our finance dried up within some years. All my friends just hate me in a twinkle of an eye. It was as if i have bad luck that whatever i do will not come out positive”

“At times i will notice strange movement in our house at night when we are asleep together. Our fridge will open by itself and close again. Our Kitchen will be messed up by the time i woke up in the morning. Our television will just automatically switch on by itself. I do hear the cry of Pussycats at night and the scary cry of birds”

“Right now, now am scared that i don’t know what to do. I have thought about divorcing her, but the thought of what she will do to me gets me scared. I need solution to this”, He said.

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