woman streets wedding dress husband
"I Need A Husband" - Lady Storms Street In Wedding Dress Crying (VIDEO)

A young lady has cried out loud in a new viral video that has just surfaced on social media for a husband.

woman streets wedding dress husband
“I Need A Husband” – Lady Storms Street In Wedding Dress Crying (VIDEO)

The video which is currently making rounds on social media has ignited a huge conversation surrounding women, men, and marriage in a whole.

Many who has seen the video have asserted that woman shouldn’t be so bothered with marriage. Others have also expressed the opposite of that notion.

In the video sighted by OccuypyGh.com, the young lady, believed to be in her late 40s is seen in a wedding dress, soliciting for a husband.

As asked, she noted that she bought the wedding dress for KSh 142,000 (GH¢7,790.27).

She further asserted that she is well-to-do financially and is just looking for a man who will love her. “I have money, I don’t want to stress a man,” she said.


The lady added Wednesday, September 15, was her fourth day in the streets looking for a partner.

“I have met many men who want to meet me in the guest house but I turned them down,” she said.

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Source: OccupyGh.com