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I Will Eat 'Weed' With Waakye But I Don't Smoke - Fameye Reveals

I Will Take ‘Weed’ With Waakye But I Don’t Smoke It – Fameye Reveals

Ghanaian hiplife singer Fameye has revealed in a recent interview what he uses ‘weed’ aka ‘marijuana’ for.

According to Fameye, he does not smoke weed but will take any food when it is mixed with it.

Speaking in an interview on Kantanka TV, Fameye shocked the host when he disclosed that he eats weed together with waakye.

Fameye revealed that he doesn’t smoke weed but he rather uses it to eat waakye as he is really good.

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Fameye added that he mostly mixed it in his foods and beverages which tastes nicer and has some health benefits.

“I do not smoke but if you mix it with Waakye, I can consume it easily. I see the marijuana leaf as a green leaf when mixed with lettuce and other vegetables, “he stated.

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Fameye who recently welcomed his newborn baby with his long time girlfriend added that “I cannot smoke weed but if mixed with tea or any food…I can take it easy,”.