Sonia Ighalo
"If Your Wife Can't Pray, YOu're Endangered - Popular Sonia

Sonia, A popular ex-wife of footballer Jude Ighalo has shared on social media a piece of advice to men about their women in matters of Godliness.

According to Sonia, if a man gets married to a beautiful woman who can not pray or study the word of God at all, such a man is at high risk of becoming an “endangered species”.

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Sonia Ighalo
“If Your Wife Can’t Pray, YOu’re Endangered – Popular Sonia

Sonia took to her official page on popular photo-sharing platform Instagram, to advise her male followers, while writing;

“Man, If your wife is beautiful but cannot pray and study the word of God. Ah, you are an endangered specie”

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Sonia Ighalo