Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has slammed Amerado’s heart into pieces after he revealed that she could be his wife.

According to Delay, she is way older than Amerado.

delay amerado
I’m 39, You Can’t Marry Me – Delay Slams Amerado’s Heart Into Pieces

Amerado shot his shots while on Delay’s show. A snippet of the interview shared on Delay’s page which was monitored had Amerado talk about his love life whether he was hooked or not.

Answering the question he did admit he had a girlfriend but didn’t want the attention to switch because he wants the fans to concentrate on him Amerado.

Delay then added, maybe it won’t even work out and a fan will be the replacement, he quickly followed up saying or maybe it will be her Delay herself.

That is when she told her, he can’t marry her because she is 39 years and older than him, and he was going to worry her about womanizing.

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