Nowadays it seems ladies’ focus on men who can last longer in bed is going haywire. Research shows that good sex should be between 5 minutes to 30 minutes and any extra is just abuse.

The statement “you can’t last longer in bed” has caused many men into their early grave and also cause many divorces because they can’t be any mutual understanding between partners.

I’m An Ewe, A True Man Should Be Able To Eat Me 3-Hours, I Can Last For 5-hours – Lady Valiantly Reveals (Video)

However, a Ewe lady has listed her spec of man when it comes to her sexual life and it’s mind-blowing.

According to her, she wants a man who can last at least 1-hour to 3 hours in bed because she is a Ewe lady. She herself can go all the way to 5-hours in bed.

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