Priscilla Ojong, the 300 level UNICROSS student re-appears and says “I’m not missing.”

Priscilla Ojong, the 22-year-old was declared missing for 3 weeks after a netizen on Twitter raised an alarm of her status.

Priscilla Ojong
‘I’m Not Missing’ – 22-year-old lady Priscilla Ojong who was declared missing for 3 weeks finally speaks (VIDEO)

“Priscilla Ojong is a 22 years old 200 level Mass Communication Student of the Cross River University of Technology, who traveled from Calabar, Cross River State, to Lagos on the invitation of a male friend.
It’s been 3 weeks now and counting and no one has heard from her.”, the user noted.

Well, a new video that the lady has just released indicates that she is perfectly well and not missing.

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