Chymall, Sairuimall Is A Scam. Chymall as they call it is an online marketing platform that promises you 10% of your investment every 10 days.

This post seeks to prove to you that both Chymall and Sairuimall is a scam, They are scam project which is projected from Nigeria, port Harcourt in particular.

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First, Chymall started up as Sairuimall in Nigeria in late 2019. The domain,, all was registered in September 2019, and October 2019 respectively. The pictures below will show you the date of registration, date of updating, and expiring date of the domains, with the name of the registrant and address.

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In this picture, you will clearly see the registrant as Miracle Joseph from port Harcourt Nigeria.

These domains were registered and few months were paid for during the registration. The domain was purchased to be used for only a few months, which was later updated when they noticed there is progress, they updated the domains to keep moving.

Chymall is a scam, and I have to prove it for you. First, the site name was registered in June 2020. This is a very big red flag, they claim the registrant name is Alibaba, that is a very big lie, Ali baba company doesn’t have time for such petty deals of promising investors 10% returns on investments.

They have different packages that range from the sales of perfume to the glass to pendent, which its only benefit is unproven health benefits. The company claims to sell the products for you, in 10 days, this is a big lie.

This company uses new investors’ money to pay old members. And that’s what makes it a pyramid scheme, They will tell your referral is not compulsory, but you will refer to earn bonuses, Stay away from them.

Chymall site has a very poor development, it doesn’t even fit to screen of a phone when browsing through. It has a poor layout and has every signal of scam on it. Stay away!!

Yes, it might pay you and others for now, but eventually, it will crash. Mark my words.

Why will they claim to be a registrant from the Alibaba group of the company when they don’t have anything in common?


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