You probably might be wondering if Sarkodie is dead or alive. Ghanaian ace rapper Sarkodie is very much alive and not dead.

This is not the first time rapper Sarkodie has been rumored to have died. In fact, the last time this happened, Obidi had to release a press statement to address the issue.

Is Sarkodie Dead Or Alive
Is Sarkodie Dead Or Alive

Somewhere beginning of this year, the No Fugazy crooner was rumored dead by a Nigerian news portal who later had to retract their publication.

This time around, the news of Sarkodie’s death is after a Ghanian businessman reportedly named Sarkodie got involved in an accident earlier this morning and died.

To ease your mind off the situation, contacted a close relative to the rapper who emphatically confirmed to us that Sarkodie is not dead.

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