An Israeli airstrike just destroyed the building housing Al Jazeera’s bureau, other media offices, and people’s homes in Gaza.

Everything in the building was gone in less than one minute.

Israeli Airstrike Destroys Al Jazeera Building
Israeli Airstrike Destroys Building Housing Al Jazeera & Associated Press (VIDEO)

Al-Jalaa tower, home to the offices of several international news organizations, has been destroyed by an Israeli airstrike, the Associated Press reported.

The Gaza tower housed the offices of the Associated Press, Al Jazeera, and local media outlets, according to DW News.

Israeli forces warned those in the building about an hour before the attack that the army would target the high-rise building, according to the AP.

Those in the office were not given time to evacuate their equipment from the building, Al Jazeera producer Linah Alsaafin said.

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