A young lady has detailed a conversation that happened between herself and the boyfriend after she told him that she is pregnant.

Did it really end in tears?

told boyfriend i'm pregnant
‘It Ended In Tears’ – I Told My Boyfriend I’m Pregnant, His Reply Broke My Heart

The yet-to-be-identified girl wanted to test her boyfriend, so she claimed to be pregnant with him. She decided to tell him that, to see his reaction.

Since they still appear to be having trouble before, they should find a cure instead of the boy consoling them and accepting his mistakes. He just changed and started using every expression. The unfortunate thing is she is just a 20-year-old girl. He also refused to be pregnant.

Ladies, be careful of the kind of relationships that you end up in, most of these guys are not faithful and will leave you the very moment something happens.

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Source: OccupyGh.com