A young Nigerian lady has confessed to sleeping with her father-in-law and her husband and now she is pregnant but does not know who the owner of the baby is.

According to her, this incident started when the Covid-19 lockdown met her in Nigeria. she confessed to having a mutual relationship with her father-in-law and feels happier but she is scared of her current pregnancy because she is confused whether it belongs to the father-in-law or her husband.

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According to her, she has gotten pregnant and she doesn’t know who is responsible. From her explanation, there is a possibility she is pregnant for the father-in-law.

She is confused about telling her husband the truth. She fears her marriage might collapse. The woman is Yoruba while the Husband is Benin and they both living in Nigeria.

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The video has been causing ripples on social media with many reactions trailing the event.

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