Jealous Dog Kills Twin Babies After Mom Waited 9 Years To Give Birth

A jealous dog has mauled twin babies to death in the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil.

A woman who struggled to conceive for 9 years, has lost of twin babies after her dog mauled them to death out of possible jealousy.

According to reports, the 29-year-old mother, Mrs. Elaine Novais, who struggled to conceive for 9 years left her twin babies at home to talk to a neighbor. She had not been gone for long when she heard the girls Anne and Analú crying. She rushed back to their bedroom but it was too late.

The Labrador and American foxhound cross had brutally attacked the twin babies. Mrs. Novais pulled the jealous dog away from the twins, but it had already inflicted fatal damage on their abdomens.

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A nurse who lived nearby performed first aid on the twins. One died instantly from her injuries and the other later died at Maria Pedreira Barbosa Municipal Hospital after going into cardiac arrest.

Mrs. Novais collapsed from shock after the death of her babies and she had to be sedated at the hospital. Mrs. Novais and her husband Regis, 32, had struggled for nine years to have children.

The dog, described as “docile”, is believed to have become jealous after not receiving as much attention since the birth of the babies.

Police are investigating the deaths, but are yet to take testimonies from the devastated parents.


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