john dumelo v8 saga
John Dumelo Finally Addresses 'V8 Saga'

John Dumelo Finally Addresses ‘V8 Saga’ | VIDEO

Ghanaian actor now turned politician John Dumelo has finally opened up about a ‘V8 saga’ he once had with the ruling government of Ghana.

Speaking about the ‘V8 saga’, John Dumelo revealed in a recent interview that he eventually had to pay for another V8 vehicle from the same company.

According to John Dumelo, he initially got the car from a company, who was selling the ‘government vehicle’ to him for a fee -he did not give an amount to it.

John revealed that he sprayed the vehicle in a different color, which according to him was the right thing to do at that time, although he hadn’t finished paying for the vehicle.

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The V8 was eventually claimed by the ruling government of Ghana after a little while and then he finally ‘added’ some money to the said company to get a new vehicle.

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