judge slaps pastor noise pollution

You may want to watch this video if you are a pastor and your church is right next to a court or perhaps in a residential vicinity.

A ‘no nonsense’ judge has apparently stormed a church in Nigeria, ending up slapping the pastor of the church for noise pollution.

According to reports obtained by OccupyGh.com, Justice Omoleye Folayemi walked straight into the Redeemed Christian Church of God at Ijapo-Estate Akure, Ondo State to slap the head pastor and another pastor in the church.

Judge Invades Church to Slap Pastor for Noise Pollution
Judge Invades Church to Slap Pastor for Noise Pollution

According to neighbors living in the same vicinity, Justice Omoleye had previously reported the church on several occasion for noise pollution, yet the trend continued.

On the day of the incidence, Justice Omoleye invaded the church premises to record the church’s activities. She was however made by an elder in the church who approached her and forced her to stop recording.

A brawl then broke and in the midst of it, she slapped the head pastor and attacked another pastor who tried to intervene.

The judge has denied the incidence although videos circulating social media shows otherwise.

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