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Iceberg Slim Is Old News - Juliet Ibrahim Replies Ex's Apology (Video)

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has finally reacted after ex-boyfriend Iceberg Slim wrote a heartwarming letter of apology to her.

A few days ago, Nigerian musician and ex-boyfriend of Juliet Ibrahim, Iceberg Slim jotted down a long heartwarming letter to Juliet Ibrahim for being the causative agent in their sorrowful relationship.

Iceberg’s letter detailed how he caused Juliet Ibrahim so much pain and hurt. Iceberg recalled in the letter that although Juliet met his mistreatment with love, he did the opposite.

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Iceberg Slim Is Old News - Juliet Ibrahim Replies Ex's Apology (Video)

According to Iceberg Slim, ‘even at his lovewerst points, the Ghanaian actress loved him unconditionnally.’ He further mentioned that for him to heal and be forgiven, he needs to reveal, that is why he has taken upon himself to reveal everything now.

Checkout a snapshot of the said letter below;


In new development, Juliet Ibrahim has replied his ex-boyfriend. She said while being interviewed on an Accra based FM, Accra FM;

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“I feel like it’s coming too late but I appreciate the fact that he’s apologizing and clearing the air. I remember when news of our break up started making the rounds; everybody was attacking me. I have no idea why people always choose to attack the woman when there is a breakup,”.

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