Kennedy Agyapong To Expose Bishops That Are Gays; Fearlessly Drops Names

Ghanaian politician and businessman, Kennedy Agyapong has thrown shots at some fake pastors and has promised to expose some corrupt renowned bishops in the country.

He is said to have told Okay FM’S Kwame Nkrumah Tikese that there are some dark secrets about the so-called bishops he is soon releasing for Ghanaians to see the real kind of people they are.

He also revealed that some of the bishops practice prostitution while some import cigarette and tobacco into the country.

This very bishop who import cigarettes, Agyapong claims, is the board chairman to an insurance company but does his ‘evil’ business with his own private company.

Kennedy said some of these bishops have glorified themselves so much in the eyes of their followers that they feel untouchable.

He went on to say that one of them refers to himself as “Papa” adding that “we shall see, just brace yourself”.

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“All these bishops who think they are untouchable in the country should watch out. Even Popes are being talked about and how much more a mere Ghanaian bishop. You call yourself an archbishop. You refer to yourself as papa. We shall see. Just brace yourselves,” he said.

The MP claimed again that some of the bishops fly all the way abroad to practice prostitution, with one of them having a gay partner in South Africa.

Agyapong asked Ghanaians to look out for him as he drops his revelations in the coming days. He has been on a mission to expose some pastors he calls fake in Ghana.


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