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KNUST Student Murdered His Friend Over GH¢1,200, Arrested By Police

KNUST Student Murdered His Friend Over GH¢1,200, Arrested By Police

A KNUST final year student – Emmanuel Awoa has been arrested by the Ghana Police for allegedly killing his friend over who reportedly owes him an amount of money.

According to details gathered, Emmanuel Awoa’s friend – Thomas Kwame Danso owes him an amount of GH¢1,200 which he failed to pay over sometime.

Per the video sighted by Emmanuel Awoa intentionally called his late friend who was an Uber driver to come to pick up some Chinese passengers to an undisclosed location.

Unfortunately, the motive behind his call was to kill him because he has been owing him for years and anytime he asks him to repay, Thomas Kwame Danso will come up with an excuse not to.

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This continuous reply triggered his ill-thought to kill him with the help of a friend to the car which does not belong to his late friend.

After days of the car owner Daniel Owusu not seeing and hearing anything about his car from the late Uber driver he reported the case to the police and out of a thorough investigation by the police.

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They found out the murderer was driving the car after he killed his friend.

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