Kumasi Coffin Makers
Kumasi Coffin Makers Cry Over Poor Sales, Call For Government Support

Coffin makers in the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi, have complained that their businesses are grinding to the halt as a result of poor sales coupled with their inability to access wood to construct them.

According to them, Burkinabes are buying all the wood used in producing their coffins at mouth-watering prices from their Ghanaians counterparts who are no longer willing to sell to them a situation they complain is gradually pushing them out of business, calling on the government for support.

“Access to the wood is a major factor affecting the progress of our business. When you go to Sokoban Wood Village you can see piled wood all bought by Burkinabes because they have money and buy the lumber at higher prices,” he stated.

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Kumasi Coffin Makers Cry Over Poor Sales, Call For Government Support
Kumasi Coffin Makers Cry Over Poor Sales, Call For Government Support

Chairman of the Coffin Makers Association Samuel Sarpong in an interview he granted 3news.com, indicate that most of them have relocated to other parts of the city primarily because they are unable to purchase the wood cashed on by the locals because of the high demand by the Burkinabes.

“The wood sellers are always eager to sell to them to the Burkinabes and this is affecting us. As for the coffins we sell them from 400 to 4000 cedis. When you want a coffin we ask the type of wood and design so that will determine the price but at least with 400 cedis you will get a coffin from us,” he stated.

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He appealed to the government for support to train more persons in coffin manufacturing just like it did for woodworkers at Anloga Junction in Kumasi

“Where we are currently working is not conducive for us to even train more youth because of lack of space. If the government can assist us like it assisted the woodworkers at Anloga Junction and relocated all of them to Sokoban Wood Village we will be grateful,” Mr. Sarpong appealed.