Kwabena Kwabena Introduced Ahoufe Patri Into Drugs – Kontihene Fires

Ghanaian veteran highlife musician Emmanuel Nana Appiah Boateng popularly known as Nana Kontihene accused Kwabena Kwabena of introducing actress Ahoufe Patri into drugs.

In a subtly revelation Kontihene revealed that an artist he introduced into the limelight -Kwabena Kwabena- was on drugs.

Obviously, the artist he’s talking about is no other person that Kwabena Kwabena. Over the years, the vast majority of the news item about the aforesaid musician stays around only two controversies. Drugs and having an affair with actress Ahuofe Patri.

In previous years Kontihene’s relationship with Kwabena Kwabena became very sour because the latter was always womanizing, smoking weed and sniffing cocaine hence he parted ways with him for life.

Nana Kontihene speaking with Arnold Baidoo expressed his aversion at the current lifestyle of Kwabena Kwabena, the once most followed and liked musician whom he, then, was proud to have in his camp.

According to him, instead of Kwabena Kwabena using his influence in the right direction to build and revive his music career, he has rather introduced Ahuofe Patri into drugs.

In his submission, he(Kontihene) enunciated that Ahuofe Patri’s mother came to him some time ago complaining bitterly about Kwabena Kwabena that he has succeeded in teaching her daughter how to be on drugs and now she’s very addicted.

“I know an artist that I was very instrumental in his life. A lady’s mum came to me some time ago that your ‘boy’ is teaching my daughter how to be on drugs …now my daughter is very high on drugs” Kontihene remarked.