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La Presbyterian SHS Students Kneel in the Sun as Armed Soldiers Enforce Dress Code

In a viral video making rounds on social media, a group of male students from La Presbyterian Senior High School found themselves kneeling under the sweltering sun, surrounded by armed soldiers.

The viral video circulating on social media vividly captures this moment, showcasing the students dressed in their school uniforms, obediently complying with the soldiers’ orders.

The exact reasons behind this punitive measure, as well as the nature of their alleged indecent dressing on the street, remain unclear.

La Presbyterian SHS Students Kneel sun

With approximately eight students and two military personnel present, the incident has sparked up a stir online.

Check out some reactions from netizens below;

For this I support. Once no physical force or aggressive action was not taken against these boys I say ahoa officers. Instill discipline in the youth.

The camera man self will hv join them if they saw him recording them…

Dem take show me before for Ho, we go some program for there way dem to come around , one of the soldiers was my senior for school. After that he hugged me again and we laugh together but ego inside me waa

Ah masa this must stop cause eii can’t people dress in peace and beside what will dressing decent bring to mans life. I thought things like this ended in the 80s oo

La Presbyterian SHS Students Kneel sun

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