mama gee products
mama gee products has sighted a viral video on social media, showing dozens of ladies storming Mama Gee’s shop, a woman who sells a concoction dubbed ‘Upgraded P**sy Charm’ on Instagram.

The said concoction among many products sold at Mama Gee Empire promises to help the ladies by ‘upgrading their v*gina from every woman’s own to a higher place’.

According to Mama Gee, the alleged woman behind these products, ‘a p**sy with Mama Gee’s product will guarantee your lover coming back for more and even signing cheques’.

The face behind Mama Gee’s product

In an interview with SvTV, she explains further that by using her product, any man who engages with her customers will end up signing cheques, even buy cars and go as far as taking them to a trip in Dubai.

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