A lady in Johannesburg, South Africa has done the unthinkable by cutting off the manhood of her boyfriend after she discovered the guy is marrying her best friend in a month.

Sources revealed the lady has been with the guy for over five years and never suspected her best friend had something doing with her man.

The incident happened Yesterday March 26, when another friend hinted the lady her boyfriend is getting married in April, but for the ban on gathering due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it might be postponed.

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Feeling betrayed and used, he went to his guy’s house and found him sleeping. Out of anger, she picked a knife from the kitchen and began to chop off the manhood.

She quickly runs after the incident, leaving the guy in a pool of blood. Due to the huge loss of blood, he passed on.

She later turned her self into the police and narrated her story. She has since been held in police custody awaiting trials.