A young lady who tested the faithfulness of her boyfriend has committed suicide after her friend backstabbed her and married her man.

This is true from a post that has been shared by a source close to the sad occurrence.

lady commit suicide boyfriend married friend
Lady Commits Suicide After She Mistakenly Made Boyfriend To Marry Her Friend After She Tested Him

The user on Twitter, @PabloHoggs, who shared the story, said the deceased used her close friend to test if her lover was faithful and loyal to only her.

Unfortunately, the plan ended up being a big mistake as her boyfriend eventually fell in love with her friend and they began a relationship behind her back.

When she finally heard that the two has gotten married, the lady was said to have committed suicide and her lifeless body was found the next morning inside her room.

He wrote:

”So a babe set her boyfriend up with her close friend, saying she wants to test his loyalty and stuff.

“His boyfriend and close friends just did nikkah or nikai (Muslim way) yesterday. News just got to me now

“UPDATE: Omooooooo the babe committed suicide o. They found her body this morning…. Ahhhh”

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lady commit suicide boyfriend married friend