Hot Video: Lady Slaps Her Boyfriend After She Rejected His Proposal | WATCH

A very controversial video in which a young man received double embarrassment after his girlfriend turned down his proposal and also gave him some slaps for popping the very important question in the lecture room is currently trending on social media.

Marriage proposals are always so adorable especially when the intending groom goes out of his way to surprise his bae with a romantic public proposal.

While some people love private proposals, others often prefer the grandeur and euphoria that comes with having a public proposal.

For this man who recently proposed to his girlfriend however, a public proposal was a bad idea.

In the video which is currently making rounds on social media, the young man was seen on his knees asking his girlfriend to marry him.

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However, the romantic gesture did not go on well with the lady who went into a sudden fit of rage and started screaming on top of her voice. The lady is seen, clearing taking back, and visibly displeased by the proposal while her classmates cheer them on.

The guy, who was still on his knees tried to restrain the lady and also keep asking for her hand in marriage. To his surprise, his action was met with a slap, she strikes him hard on the face before walking away.

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