International preacher and gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, has finally reacted to news that he faked his honorary PhDs and degrees.

According to Sonnie Badu, his lawyers are working on something.

Sonnie’s reply was to a tweet from a fan who was calling for those behind his latest attack to stop:

“This’s what @SonnieBaduuk has achieved so far… My fellow frogs, what can you boast of?
Y’all leave Ps. Sonnie alone. #StopTheHate #Charlie18″, the fan tweeted.

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Sonnie who has been challenged recently for not having a Ph.D. retweeted the Tweet and noted:

“Remain calm, lawyers are working …”

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Sonnie Badu Reacts Fake Degrees
Lawyers Are Working – Sonnie Badu Finally Reacts To Faking Honorary Degrees