burna boy legalize weed
"Legalize Weed, Everyone Smokes It" - Burna Boy On Nigeria's Legalization of The Herb

Nigerian ace musician Burna Boy has called for the legalization of weed (wee) in Nigeria.

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According to Burna Boy, everyone in Nigeria smokes weed but no one will admit it.

burna boy legalize weed
“Legalize Weed, Everyone Smokes It” – Burna Boy On Nigeria’s Legalization of The Herb

In an interview with Home Grown Radio in Los Angeles, Burna noted that ‘everybody’ in Nigeria consumes the cannabis plant but denies the use due to the high hypocrisy in the country.


“It’s not a zero-tolerance. It’s like everybody does it, but no one wants to be the one that is seen with it. “It’s just kind of hypocritical out there. Everybody smokes weed.”

burna boy legalize weed

“It’s like some dumb shit bro. You know those old shit when they talk about it frying your brains.

They try to make it seem like if you smoke it, you will go mad. Right now, everybody is relaxed, everybody does it, and everybody knows that. It’s just a topic no one wants to talk about. No one wants to talk about it; everybody is cool. Nobody wants to make it a thing,” he further noted.

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