Mother of 17-year-old Leticia Kyere Pinaman, an SHS girl of Miracle Senior High School in Sunyani who allegedly committed suicide finally speaks.

According to Leticia’s mother, she believed her daughter was murdered and hanged in the school.

Leticia Kyere Pinaman Mother
Leticia Kyere Pinaman Mother Reveals Daughter Was Killed & Hanged & Not Suicide (VIDEO)

Leticia Kyere Pinaman was found hanging on the ceiling in the dining hall of the school with a note that reads:


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It has however been speculated by many that Leticia did not die from suicide.

A new video privy to us at also sees the mother revealing on the phone that her daughter did not commit suicide.

“According to the doctor, there was no sign of death by hanging. Her tongue didn’t protrude, she didn’t pass any fecal matter or urine. And that means, she was dead before getting hanged”, her statement translates.

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In other related stories, the Headmistress of the school where Leticia was found dead has also spoken about what she saw.