LisaRaye McCoy Queen Mother In Ghana
American Actress LisaRaye To be Crowned Queen Mother In Ghana

American actress, model, businesswoman and fashion designer LisaRaye McCoy, famously known as LisaRaye is slated to be crowned a Queen Mother in Ghana.

The beautiful Chicago-born actress will be crowned queen in an a colorful ceremony on Sunday, 22 September, 2019. The same day of her enstoolment also happens to be the day of her birthday.

Speaking on her new feat, LisaRaye noted;

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LisaRaye Crowned Queen Mother In Ghana
LIsaRaye McCoy

“This honor is beyond my wildest imagination,” says the Chicago native who’s known to wear her trademark white outfits. “I plan to do all that I can by using my platform to bring positive attention to this region. I will serve humbly.”

LisaRaye is the former First Lady of Turks And Caicos from her previous marriage, so so being in a leadership position is not new to her..

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“Wow! African queen! I’m still trying to let that sink in!” she marveled with nervous excitement. “I’ve had lots of accomplishments in my life, personally and professionally, but I didn’t get to this point alone. It’s taken a great team of people along the way. To have such an honor bestowed upon me by my own African people is a testament to my hard work and character. It’s like a dream coming true before my very eyes.” LisaRaye noted further.

LisaRaye Crowned Queen Mother In Ghana
LisaRaye Crowned Queen Mother In Ghana