girl turning into stone
Little Girl 'Turning Into' Stone Because Of Her Rare Skin Condition

Sad! Little Girl ‘Turning Into’ Stone Because Of Her Rare Skin Condition

A 7-year-old girl named Rajeshwari is turning into stone because doctors say she is suffering from a very rare genetic skin disorder.

Rajeshwari skin condition is called ichthyosis. It is caused due to mutation of genes.

Rajeshwari lives in a tribal area at the Dantewada district of the North Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

The condition she is suffering from is incurable and tends to make the skin look scaly, hard, and flaky.

Almost all her body is covered with them this is because the condition affects the process of skin regeneration. You can almost feel her pain by just looking at the pictures.

The condition or disease she is suffering from is not life-threatening, but she suffers from pain daily basis, trying to do even small tasks the blisters cause very severe pain. Though her face has not been affected yet her arms, legs and back are covered by the hard flaky skin.

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Ichthyosis is very rare and only a few people in the world have reported suffering from it. Due to the disease being so rare and incurable the medicines used to control it usually have very severe side effects.

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Rajeshwari’s condition makes her travel from her tribal district to the city to receive medical help which is quite painful and difficult for her in the meantime. Her doctor says that she suffers from Epidermolytic Ichthyosis which with proper treatment the disease can be stopped at a certain stage, but her family has no means to afford the medication required.