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Luis Suarez, Barcelona striker has given two reasons why he thinks his fellow team-mate Lionel Messi is the best footballer to have graced the World.

According to Suarez, Lionel Messi has won the Balloon d’Or titles five times and has scored 681 goals in 801 games as a professional footballer.

Notwithstanding all these achievement, Suarez claims he is impressed with just two.

Speaking to Spanish Outlet Sport, Luis said “I think it’s helped me to see how relaxed he is in matches, sometimes I thought that you beed to be focused the day before, or a few hours before the match.

“That’s what happened with me at Liverpool, with the National team and all of my previous clubs and I think to see the atmosphere here, to see everyone focused, knowing that they have to do but in a more relaxed environment has help me”

“I think Lionel Messi is a very relaxed person and that’s what makes him Messi” Suarez added.

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