nigerian survive road accident

A promising young man has taken to Facebook to detail how he survived a fatal accident along highway near Ore, Ondo state, Nigeria.

According to him, he was travelling from the village to Lagos before the unfortunate incident occurred which saw his vehicle tumble multiple times and landed in a bush by the road.

What has amused social media users is the fact that the man literally climbed on top of his damaged car to take pictures, a clear indication that nothing actually to him personally.

Below is what Facebook user Pop Rock shared:

Who is that person that say there is no God? If not God, what could have save me and my 3 friends from this kind of treble and dangerous accident. I try to to keep this marvelous work of God to myself but I couldn’t.

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It all happened like a movie to me. I was driving from village to Lagos on my way reaching towards ORE my car tumbled 3 times and landed inside a tick forest with the 4 tires of my fx 35 Infiniti on the air ( off side down).

Not as if am on the high speed I was just on 60km just that the devil want to try the child of God but he failed woefully.i was even having a full tank of fuel in my car but yet after the car tumbled 3 times, no fire and nothing happened to 4 of us inside the car not even a crash, all of us came out safely even dough my car damaged beyond repair, I really thank God for this wonderful deliverance over my life and that if my friends.

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God has really fulfill that which he promise me that he has given his angles charge over me, that my going out and coming in shall be a blessing, that even dough I walk through the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, that greater is him that is in me (God) than him that is in the world (devil), that surely goodness and mercy of God shall follow me all the days of my life, that he has given me the power to step upon serpents and scorpions and all the powers of the evil once and there is no means they will hurt me……

Photos below…