A Ugandan man, Suleiman Mayanja, has been arrested after he bought drinks for a Kenyan lady, invited her into his home, and killed her.

Suleiman Mayanja and the deceased lady never knew each other before meeting at a popular joint, where they had a few drinks.

Suleiman Mayanja
Man Arrested For Killing Lady He Invited Into His Home After Buying Drinks For Her (PHOTOS)

On their second meeting, the lady came to Ugandan national’s rented apartment on Sunday October 4, before being killed around 3am on Monday morning. Her half-naked body was discovered by the apartment’s guard.

Mayanja who arrived the East African country last month through the Busia border point, was said to have fled from the apartment. However on the evening of Monday October 5, he was arrested by detectives at Nyali Cinemax where he was hiding.

It was gathered that he sent a runner to collect his belongings from the room which he had booked on September 30, when detectives pounced on him. Unbeknownst to the runner who is a cab driver, undercover cops had laid an ambush in the apartment.

After few minutes of interrogation, he was whisked to a waiting police vehicle that sped towards the suspect’s hideout.

The suspect is currently being grilled for more details relating to the incident, for the appropriate charges to be established before arraignment.

Suleiman Mayanja
Suleiman Mayanja