News about a businessman who reportedly caught his wife, the mother of his two boys, on tape having a steamy ‘action’ with a home cleaner left the husband in distress.

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He had installed hi-tech CCTV cameras in both his living room and veranda to monitor everyone’s movements in his compound before he finally gathered enough evidence that his wife has been having an affair with their home cleaner.

Upon reviewing the recordings on the CCTV, the man saw his beautiful wife and the tattered cleaner enjoying raw ‘action’ on their couch, as their children aged six and seven were on the side watching a movie on tv.

The husband in question is said to have shared the images with a local news website to expose his wife’s dirty manners before he was advised by readers to go the traditional way and rein punishment both on his randy wife and the cleaner. He was then introduced to a native doctor. The native doctor performed both cheating and marriage charms for this family so she could be caught next time she does the same.

He then left home for an imaginary four-days meeting away from town. Little did the wife know she was being set. The husband returned at night at around midnight, used the spare key he had carried to open the door quietly and when he walked to his bedroom, he found two people on the bed crying, “Please forgive us, we are stuck,” as they wreath pain.

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He shouted and threatened to cut them into pieces before the wife pleaded with him to spare their lives. The native doctor was later called in the morning to separate the two fools and husband beat and chased away the wife like a stray dog alongside the cleaner.