india man cuts pregnant woman check baby gender
Man Cut Pregnant Wife To 'Check Baby's Gender' In India

Man Cut Pregnant Wife To ‘Check Baby’s Gender’ In India

According to the reports, a man in India cut open his pregnant wife’s belly to check the baby’s gender after a priest told him she was expecting another daughter.

The incident allegedly occurred Saturday in Bareilly, a city in northern India, when the 43-year-old man known as Pannalal attacked his wife Anita Devi in their home with a sickle after being told she was pregnant with the couple’s sixth daughter, according to The Times of India.

According to police, Pannalal wanted a son and had tried to convince his wife to terminate the pregnancy, but she refused. Pannalal had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol prior to the incident, according to DNA India.

My brother-in-law often used to beat my sister for giving birth to five daughters. Our parents had intervened on several occasions. But no one imagined that he would take such a cruel step,” Anita Devi’s brother, Ravi Kumar Singh, told The Times of India.

The four-months-pregnant woman was taken to a series of hospitals after her condition worsened and her family could not afford the entrance fee at a private hospital, but the baby was unharmed.

Pannalal has reportedly been charged with attempted murder, but the police are still investigating, according to multiple reports.