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Man Details An Embarrassing Moment He Had While Job Hunting In Viral Post

Man Details An Embarrassing Moment He Had While Job Hunting In Viral Post

A young man who is currently running his own business has detailed an embarrassing moment he once had while job hunting.

According to the young man, he once decided to job hunt although he was a business-minded person from the start of his early life.

His post read:

“Mine was years ago. I say make I try my luck for FIRS. Woke up that morning, carried my arranged and gallant CV, bath, dressed up, and headed straight to a FIRS branch at Lagos.

Back then person wey dey work for inland revenue service na big boy just like Chevron. As I entered the gate, I saw two angry-looking security coming my way. They were like “bros who you dey find”. Me that I don’t even know who I was looking for I didn’t even know what to say.

Then one of them shouted, “pls get out”. As a Nigerian graduate wey naturally get ego , I told them to talk to me politely and stop shouting. They even started pushing me , I felt like the ground should swallow me. One sexy chick was passing by (obviously working there ) approached the scene to know what was going on.

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She told me to pass a call to whoever invited me , I said okay and pretended to go outside to make the call. I jejely walked back home in shame.

Second was months after that incident, I got a job as a gateman in a firm. Never had I been so embarrassed in my life. Customers talking to you anyhow like you’re shìt.

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They see gatemen as lowlives. In fact, I used to wear facecap and dark shades just in case I bump into any of my old classmates. I just dey imagine one of my old-time coursemates driving in in a sleek car and me wey be gateman open gate for am lol.. well imagination later turn reality. It happened for real.

Thank God for my dark shades and face cap but it wasn’t enough. . I hid my face when I noticed he started staring at me like he knew me from somewhere.

Thank God for today, ventured into business. Things aren’t rosy but as long as God is on the throne, there is hope.”