A young man has found a slice of snake meat -something that looks like it- in food that his aunty bought for him from town.

Sharing a video of the alleged meat in the middle of his food, he is heard crying out for help.

Man Finds Snake Meat Food
Man Finds Snake Meat In Food He Bought From Town (VIDEO)

“Chalee you come Accra and you are going to buy food, you need to be sharp. My aunty purchased this food in town, she asked for meat and was served snake meat without her knowledge…”, the young man is heard lambasting in the video.

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He further urged that Ghanaians eat more fish than meat.

Man Finds Snake Meat Food

“I will urge everyone to start eating more of fish to meat… just look at this snake served in the name of meat.”

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Source: OccupyGh.com