Every day we hear weird things happening. Some of which when we try to imagine we become more confused.

A video of husband and wife has gone viral online. The husband’s penis was stuck into his wife’s vagin while they were making love. They made an emergency call to the hospital and they were rushed for surgery. Some journalists gathered to take photos but they were prevented by the doctors.

Do you think something like this is possible? What if he was having s#x with another woman that is not his wife?

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We have made some research and found out it’s called penis captivus.

What is penis captivus?

It’s a situation where a woman’s vagin traps or arrests the penis and holds it very strong that it becomes impossible for the man to withdraw his penis Is it possible? We will find out from the comment section. Maybe those that have witnessed it can tell us. Lol

Some background digging about penis captivus. There are some beliefs that if a married man tries to have s#xual intercourse with another woman he will be trapped or if a married woman sleeps with another man. So before you sleep with another person’s wife or husband you have to think what if you become trapped in the vagin.

Lol! Medical belief Medical experts believe that there are muscles in the female vagin that are capable of clamping or trapping the penis but it’s very rare before such a thing happens.

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