A man in Spain has caused a stir on social media as stories of his alleged married to a donkey with photos surfaced the internet.

Netizens on Facebook couldn’t believe their eyes are they take to comment under the photo:

Ebenezer Birikorang: Once you reduce your humanity to animal status you simply join their kingdom.It’s a senselss choice.

Amponsah Stephen Kwaku: That is exactly the end of world so repent!

Divine Kwashie Fui Akie: When we allow homosexuality to take ground, that one would follow. Largesse of foreign culture.

Gbogzidi Norvinyo Angel: Na dis be stupidity or total madness.

SK Oloisula Fianko-Larbi: A human being who rejects the Holy Spirit can become worse than an animal. Humans without the Holy Spirit approaches a beast.

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